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Ministim from Avenos Medical



  • DP-MTP Diagnostic probe

  • Available as: Adjustable output 0 to 50 mA and 30 mA maximum output

  • For monitoring the effects of skeletal muscle relaxants

  • Cost effective, simple to use, durable, reliable and compact

  • Reusable

  • MiniStim peripheral nerve stimulator for neuromuscular monitoring

$485 - On Sale $385

Watch Dr. Noel explain how to use the Ministim

Surface Probe for Ministim 


We recommend having multiple surface probes to ensure each patient gets a clean probe.  These spare probes can easily be changed in minutes.


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Nerve-Express 6.8 system


Quantitative assessment of the autonomic nervous system.  It includes an ECG and HRV Analysis software for display, measurement and interpretation of test results.

Nerve-Express is a fully automatic, non-invasive computer-based system designed for quantitative assessment of the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) based on Heart Rate Variability (HRV) analysis. Nerve-Express is the first and only system to solve the problem of SNS-PSNS quantification based on method of clusterization of the relationship between SNS and PSNS status.

This technological breakthrough is achieved by using proprietary algorithms and a new approach based on one of the leading theories of Artificial Intelligence - Marvin Minsky's Frame Theory. Nerve-Express objectively and reliably evaluates the state of ANS in "real-time" (up to 24 hours) as well as during Orthostatic test and Valsalva maneuver combined with Deep Breathing. Due to its highly sophisticated HRV analysis, Nerve-Express is the only system that enables quantification of 81 ANS states with a corresponding qualitative description for each one.        


Valsalva Maneuver combined with Deep breathing                                           

 The algorithms used by Nerve-Express have been developed and tested for over twenty five years in studies involving more than  twenty thousand patients . Nerve-Express implements a battery of three tests as the most  comprehensive and informative combination of tests for ANS  purposes:

1. Orthostatic test as the initial method for ANS provocation;

2. Valsalva maneuver combined with Deep Breathing as the optimal method for revealing the hidden abilities of the Autonomic function and distinguishing between chronic and temporary abnormalities;

3. Real-time Nerve-Monitor test as the ultimate method for ANS assessment in long-term therapy, continuous monitoring (especially, under anesthesia/intensive care), research and experimentation. Real-Time assessment may be conducted on a single patient as well as on two patients simultaneously for psychological purposes for instance: as a lay detector or psychological adaptation between crew members.

$4,900 - On Sale - $1,800