Focus Builder Plus 1.0


Cedrick Noel, DC, DACNB

Jason Whittaker, DC, DACNB

This course is designed for the clinicians that are both new & experienced with implementing eye movement training in a clinical setting.  You will learn how to incorporate eye movement exercises to compliment a multi-modal approach and how to use the Focus Builder App with clinical cases ranging from simple spine care to complex neurological presentations.  Some of the conditions discussed in this course are vertigo, spinal pain, POTS, mTBI, strabismus, dysautonomia,  Autism, depression, vestibular loss, cranial release technique and more.  

Focus Builder Plus 2.0 Posture

This course is designed for the clinicians that are both new & experienced with implementing eye movement training in a clinical setting.  You will learn how to incorporate eye movement exercises and other neurological applications to improve posture and much more.  If you want to learn how to to have a fast and sustainable impact on your patients posture, this is the course for you.  We demonstrate clinical applications on real cases and use visual aids such as animations and color coded images to accelerate your learning experience.


Cedrick Noel, DC, DACNB

Jason Whittaker, DC, DACNB

Focus Builder Workshop

This workshop is designed to provide a very thorough training on how to use the Focus Builder App and provide multiple clinical examples on how to use each function within the App.  The Focus Builder Workshop is designed for clinicians that are either new to functional neurology or experienced.  

You will learn how to test, restore and utilize the following for therapeutic benefits:

Gaze stability

Optokinetic stimulation


Vergence exercises



Random Saccades

Combination pursuits and saccades


Memory saccades

Metronome saccades

Peripheral Vision exercises

Visual memory exercises


Most importantly, you will learn how to pre-screen your patients and and prep them neurologically for eye movement training or a chiropractic adjustment.



Cedrick Noel, DC, DACNB

Dr Jason's Article Review

What can I say, I love to read research papers.  Why would I do that to myself?  I am the odd duck with an insatiable curiosity....the need to understand, the need to know.  Especially what makes us tick, how we function, how we behave and what to change.  For the better.  With the demands of practice behind me and time on my hands, I have a new simple mission.  Help as many clinicians as I can get up to date, stay up to date and arm them with knowledge that helps them help the next patient.
The amount of information is enormous and far too much for any one of us to digest.  This is just my small contribution to help you sort thru it.  The process is simple, I search the far reaches of the literature world to find what's valuable to know...for clarity on a concept or model, a better way to assess/care for a patient or a newly discovered function.  I read it, make notes on it, analyze it, comment on it and then share it.  Tell you what's relevant and discard what's not but still give you the resources to judge for yourself.

Here's what you get with your subscription:
1.  The latest and recent when it comes to relevant neuroscience for the clinician in practice.  There are "landmark" or what I consider important papers worth reviewing if a bit older.
2.  10-20 min video analysis and commentary of the paper including objective and method summary and key findings.  I work at adding a entertainment edge with some movie clips and interactivity with them.  Let's face it, although important, this stuff can be quite dry.
3.  A downloadable PDF of my notes.
4.  At least one per week...likely more.
5.  The occasional review video of important clinical concepts in neurology.

*Anyone signing up for a yearly subscription within the first 6 months will be locked in at that price for life (expires Oct 31/20).

Clinical App for RightEye & Beyond

      In this course, Dr. Cedrick Noel, DC, DACNB takes you through the meaning of each metric and eye movement pattern in the RightEye reports along with the clinical relevance.  EyeQTrainer will be discussed along with other great clinical applications.  This course is divided up into multiple short videos to allow you to quickly view and review the topics that you are most interested in.  If you are a user of the RightEye system, this is the perfect course for you. Available Now!

     Dr. Jason Whittaker, DC, DACNB is also teaching a section reviewing valuable articles regarding the diagnostic value of eye movements and the therapeutic value of eye movement training.  Included & Available soon!

     Dr. DeAnn Fitzgerald, OD has been in the eye care profession for over 35 years and she is teaching a section in this course filled with tremendous clinical applications that you don't want to miss.  Thank you Dr. Fitzgerald for such a treasure that you are offering learners.  Included & Available soon!


Cedrick Noel, DC, DACNB

Jason Whittaker, DC, DACNB

DeAnn Fitzgerald, OD