Focus Builder App Training Videos

We created our Focus Builder app training videos for functional neurology training and education on how to use our products to their full potential.

Focus Builder App Training Videos: App Overview
Gaze Stability Exercise 
This highly customizable exercise with up to 9 possible axis of gaze fixation points provides the ability to program a shift of gaze from a desired fixation point to another with a pursuit or saccade motion.
5 Star Tutorial
Clinical Cases
Clinical Cases
Pursuits Exercise 
This exercise challenges your brain to maintain your eyes fixated on a moving target. It is generally recommended that gaze stability be restored prior to performing a pursuit exercise for therapeutic benefit. This exercise should be customized by your clinician.
Low Back Pain, Dys-Autonomia
Vertical pursuits improved posture, pain, gut
Saccade Eye Movement Exercises 
These saccades exercises challenge your brain to improve velocity, accuracy, and latency of fast eye movements. It is generally recommended that gaze stability be restored prior to performing a saccade exercise for therapeutic benefit. 
Combination Saccades & Pursuits Exercises 
Using the combination of saccades and pursuits, we can target a specific cerebellar-collicular-cortical axis for greater impact and specificity. The left and right brain eye exercises, developed by Dr. Ted Carrick, have been shown to be effective in helping patients better map their visual environment. Once again, this exercise should be prescribed by a trained clinician.  
 Focus Min. S8
Left Cerebellum
Memory Saccades Training Exercises 
This exercise is designed to challenge your ability to perform saccades to remembered locations. Many levels of difficulty are available to improve working memory.
AntiSaccades Exercises 
This exercise is especially beneficial to improve your ability to concentrate and ignore distractions. Most cases of ADHD can benefit greatly from performing Anti-Saccades therapeutically. Additional features are available to improve impulse control and executive function. Multiple levels of difficulty can be prescribed.
OPK Exercises 
Optokinetic (OPK) stimulation has been shown to be effective in not only assessing reflexogenic eye movements but can be used therapeutically in a variety of scenarios. This neurologist education and training feature allow the user to specify size, speed, color, and direction of the optokinetic strip. There is also an option to use a fixation dot with stimulation.
Hemistim Exercises 
Hemistim neurology advanced training exercises are a great stimulus for targeting not only a specific hemisphere but also a specific visual field or quadrant for more targeted parietal and/or temporal lobe activation. Like OPK, the user can specify size, speed, quadrant and color combinations for patient customization. There is also a fixation dot option. 
Hemistim Quick Guide PDF
Random Saccades Exercises     
This neurology advanced training exercise is designed to challenge your ability to perform saccades to random targets and to remembered locations.  
Custom Neurology Training 
This functional neurology training exercise gives the user the ability to utilize a different background and foreground stimulus simultaneously. The background options are Hemistim, OPK or a Solid Color. The foreground options are a Fixed Dot, Pursuits, Saccades or Combination Pursuits & Saccades.  
Clinical Case
Focus Minute videos
Videos of 1 minute or less packed with clinical gems that you can use.
 Focus Min. S1
Set up to TV/Monitor
 Focus Min. S4
Complex Mvts improve Saccades
 Focus Min. S7
Target Types
 Focus Min. S2
Saccadic Dysmetria
 Focus Min. S5
Variety of was to activate the brain
 Focus Min. S3
Improve Speed of Saccades
 Focus Min. S6
Right Hemisphericity case
 Focus Min. S8
Left Cerebellum Case
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