Focus Builder App & Functional Neurology Solutions

NeurdSolutions provides clinicians a variety of patient education products such as brain anatomy posters, Focus Builder training seminars, and a functional neurology eye movement training app. Our patient education products and eye movement training app are ideal for chiropractors, physical therapists, occupational therapists, psychologists, and optometrists. 

Our dry erase anatomy posters offer functional neurologists a customized patient education tool that ensures an accurate visual aid of the human and brain anatomy. Dry erase posters act as a unique and easy to use way to provide an educational resource to your patients. 

Focus Builder, our one of a kind functional neurology eye movement training app provides clinicians with customizable therapy solutions for your patients. Discover what the best neurology app can do for your patients by viewing our various seminars such as eye movement training, brain rehabilitation, and more. 

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The Focus Builder App
Brain Anatomy Dry Erase Posters for ROF
 Dry Erase Posters for ROF
Functional Neurologists
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The Focus Builder App is an eye exercise app that consists of a variety of eye exercises which can be programmed to be part of a specific brain rehabilitation program. A clinician trained in functional neurology should be able to customize an individualized program for you.  

We’ve created four unique dry erase human brain anatomy posters to provide functional neurologists with a colorful visual aid to facilitate patient education. Our brain anatomy posters are great patient education products come in a large-scale size of 2' by 3'. 

Browse our instructional video library to learn how to use the Focus Builder functional neurology eye movement training app to complement your patients’ care.